Local History and Attractions

Located in the Waldensian Valleys of the Northwestern Italian Alps there is rich history to explore. There are ancient sites of cave churches – where believers met to worship in secret during times of persecution, an ancient Bible school secluded in the mountains, several early church buildings, a museum, and many monuments to explore.

Our Pellice valley is also home to the Cafferel chocolate factory – with a factory outlet shop boasting discounts on amazing Italian chocolates.

There are several museums to explore (art and history), forts and military bases (home of the Alpini mountain soldiers), and a rich history in agriculture and unique mountain life. Hiking, biking, local markets, and warm, colorful locals add joy to every visit to our sleepy Alpine valley!

And, of course, we have the unique culture and pleasures of Italy – great food, coffee, gelato, and of course – Pizza!

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