Trees by streams…

Psalm 1:3 They are like trees planted by streams – 
they bear their fruit in season, 
their leaves never wither, 
everything they do succeeds.” Who are “they”? If we look at the context – the verses before this one, it is talking about “those who meditate” on God’s word. So what does it means toContinue reading “Trees by streams…”

Paul and Romans 16

While stateside (wading through the endless visa process), I’ve been attending a BSF bible study. (Click the link for info) Every week, I gather with several hundred women to worship, then into smaller groups for digging deeper into the Word. What a gift this has been! I really love digging deeper into Scripture; trying toContinue reading “Paul and Romans 16”

Sprouts opening and magazines…

I love magazines. But I RARELY actually buy one. They are expensive, and although I always read them more than once (over and over, actually), I can’t often justify the expense. But building Villa Sollievo includes teaching/learning to have a Sabbath heart – and that means research. (And my curious mind kind of likes research)Continue reading “Sprouts opening and magazines…”