Sprouts opening and magazines…

I love magazines.

But I RARELY actually buy one. They are expensive, and although I always read them more than once (over and over, actually), I can’t often justify the expense. But building Villa Sollievo includes teaching/learning to have a Sabbath heart – and that means research. (And my curious mind kind of likes research)

If you don’t have a Sprouts grocery near you, I am truly sorry! By far, my fav grocery choice in the US; just crunchy enough to feed my organic/natural side, yet gloriously cheap enough for even my budget! They’ve just opened a new one in the Tampa area – so crowded it is claustrophobic, but worth even the bulk-section freak out moment.

Standing ages in the checkout line in front of the magazines was my downfall. Curiosity got this cat. What is the world saying about Rest?  Judging by covers, it seems to be a hot topic just now…

I’ve long been a believer that its not the best thing to throw the baby out with the bath water; we can pull bits of truth out of twisty bits of off-course. Truth is never a lie. But lies are usually wrapped in bits of truth – it’s what makes them believable.  But we don’t have to throw out the whole thing when we throw out the lies… find the bits of truth that are there. Truth sets free.

So here are some bits of truth I found amidst the twisty bits:

“The Art of being Quiet” = When we’re too busy, we don’t hear God

“Seeking Happiness? Lend a Hand” – According to this article, psychologists found that “performing acts of kindness for others led to higher happiness levels in participants – but indulging in oneself did not”.  = Giving IS better than receiving – and DOing for others brings joy

“In any year, 18.1% of US adults suffer from anxiety intense enough to be a disorder” = What we are anxious about may be different, but anxiety is a problem in our culture. As I cast my cares on Jesus, speaking Truth in kindness goes a long way in the ‘hey, my neighbor is different, I wonder why’ category

“Let it Go – 11 ways to Forgive” = even secular psychologists are saying how detrimental holding on to hurt is to our well-being. Jesus said to forgive “77×7 times”… He wasn’t joking

“Spring to Life – meditate with your five senses” = This topic is a whole other post… Being created in the image of God, we have unique sensory perceptions; therefore, it is important to engage our senses in our soul restoration process. 

When even the secular world is starting to pay attention to our life-draining pace and the lies our culture dishes out, we should pay attention to our own self-care. 

Put your OWN oxygen mask on BEFORE assisting others.

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