Villa Sollievo waits for you…

img_2619Are you tired? Soul weary?

Villa Sollievo is a haven to get away from your daily busy and restore your soul.

Come away to the quiet of a sleepy Italian village – and let the quiet beauty of creation refresh and strengthen your soul.


“Sollievo” means “relief”. 

Nearly 8,000 missionaries worldwide leave the field every year. * Most are for preventable reasons. Sadly, many mission agencies lack the resources to provide the restorative support ministry workers need.

Prolonged levels of high stress leave us worn down and empty. Feeling overwhelmed without adequate help or enough down time adds to stress levels.

Villa Sollievo exists to help ministry workers rest and refill –  learning to follow the example Jesus set for ministry/life balance.

Matthew 4:11 – And then the devil left Him, and angels came and ministered to Jesus.